Introduction to Christian Meditation

It is very important to understand what I mean by the term “Christian Meditation”. First, and most importantly, this exercise is intended to bring us into a closer and more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. If you don’t know Christ, you can still benefit from this exercise, and it may lead you into a personal relationship with Him. However, I suspect that if you are read more ….

A Special Note to Pastors

I have designed this website to give as much information about me and what I believe is my last assignment from God on this side of heaven. I recognize how busy everyone’s schedule is, so I have made sure to make most of the info available in a mp3 format for easy download, so that you can transfer it to a flash drive or CD, so as to be able to listen to it while you’re driving (not the meditations), in order to not steal your precious time that I know is so valuable.  read more ….