A Special Note to Pastors

I have designed this website to give as much information about me and what I believe is my last assignment from God on this side of heaven. I recognize how busy everyone’s schedule is, so I have made sure to make most of the info available in a mp3 format for easy download, so that you can transfer it to a flash drive or CD, so as to be able to listen to it while you’re driving (not the meditations), in order to not steal your precious time that I know is so valuable.

I really do believe that God wants me to spread this word. I see it as part of my vocation. In fact it was prophesied over me that, “You have been faithful to the one, and now I’m going to give you the many.” I interpret that to mean that the 27 years of faithful service that I have given to Christian clients teaching them to meditate so as to link them to, “THE COUNSELOR” within them so that they don’t need me for very long. I believe that God wants that for all of us, and I feel led to spread this to as many as those who, “Have ears to hear!”

As such, I would be happy to come to your church (only if you feel comfortable with me and the message I bring) and teach about Christian Meditation and Contemplative prayer. As long as it is local, I am willing to do this free of charge, and I will only charge a nominal fee (less than the Amazon price of $13.33) for my CD’s. I will charge $10/CD and $15 for both of them which will include the tax as well. The digital files are at Amazon, I Tunes and Google plus already if people prefer that format and pricing.

The web site also has video files of this information, if you would like to see me introduce the meditation, give my personal testimony and preach a similar message to my home church. I respect your position as “Shepherd of the Flock,” and would not expect you to invite me in unless you felt that I and my message was safe, good and nourishing food. I can also give you a couple of references who are pastors that have heard my message and listened to my tapes that you may call. I would also be very willing to speak with you or sit down with you to discuss this at greater length if you so desire. For me it’s as simple as, either God is calling me to come to your church and share this message or He isn’t. I will graciously accept whatever He wants. I trust Him more than ever in my life!

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] . May God bless you and your ministry in an abundant life way!

In Christ,

David J Meiners