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FAQ’S – David Meiners – Guided Christian Meditation


I have chosen to leave all of the testimonials anonymous. The reason for this is that many of the testimonials come from present or former clients in my counseling private practice. As most people know, I am bound by confidentiality laws not to disclose private information of any of my clients or former clients. I also wanted everyone to feel free to be honest about how they felt about the meditation recordings without concern for scrutiny by anyone. There are also a number of these testimonials that are from friends and professionals in related fields that I have given these meditations to. I have not altered any of these except for things like typos and things like that.

This section will be an ongoing process. As I receive questions, I will attempt to answer the ones that are most frequently asked in as direct and honest of a way as possible. I encourage you to ask, as it will sharpen my understanding of this process, as well as helping others to get the answers to their questions that they may be thinking about. Please don’t hesitate to send me your questions. I can’t promise that it will be published on the web site, but I will do my best to answer any question that is sent to me.

Q.   How am I supposed to get anything out of “The One Minute Prayer,” or even seven minutes of prayer?

A.  The purpose of “The One Minute Prayer” is to make this new form of prayer “Ridiculously Accomplishable!”  My experience in trying to teach people this discipline is that most people in our “Attention Deficit” society have a very hard time sitting still and focusing their mind for even a minute. So starting with this very small amount of time helps people to achieve SUCCESS, which is critical for producing the motivation to continue on. Continued success produces continued motivation which is essential in order to create a new habit. Once the habit is in place, then one can go to longer meditations, which is what “The Basic Breath of Life Meditation” is there for.

Q.   I am struggling with sitting still and focusing my mind for even one minute. Is there any hope for me?

A.   Absolutely! Even if you have to refocus your attention 60 times in those 60 seconds, please know that you ARE succeeding. Success is not achieving a perfectly focused mind. Success is deciding to bring your mind back again and again (as often as is necessary) during the time that you are meditating. You WILL get better and better, and it will get easier and easier as time goes on.

Q.   I did pretty well for a few weeks, and then I got off track and I haven’t meditated for a few weeks now. What should I do?

A.   Do whatever will help you get back into the habit of meditating. If that means starting over with one minute, do that. If you want to start with the 3 minutes that you were at before stopping, and you feel that you can sustain that, do that. The amount is not important. Establishing the habit is the first hurdle that needs to be overcome. You can increase by a minute a month if you need to. Whatever works!

Q.   Should I focus on the breathing or the scripture that you are talking about?

A.   This is like the last question. Do whatever works for you. Listen to the Holy Spirit. If you can just focus on your breathing, remember that “The Spirit prays for us in our weakness…” Rom 8:26 If focusing on your breathing doesn’t work for you, focus on the scripture, or whatever way works for you. If the way that I am focusing on the scripture doesn’t work for you, turn the meditation off and do whatever works for you. Again, the habit is the first thing that must be established. The Holy Spirit will help you!

Q.   If I only focus on my breathing, how is that praying?

A.   The Scripture tell us to “Be STILL and know…” Ps 46:10. If you are able to quiet your mind enough to focus on your breathing, that is a good way to become still. Some of my best and most efficacious prayer times are when I quiet my mind and just know that the Holy Spirit is praying for me, through me, with me and in me. I believe this is a real and wonderful way of “Praying in the Spirit.” He’s better at prayer than we are, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of your prayer when you are letting Him do it!

Q.   How long will it take (how many minutes) before I start to notice a positive effect?

A.   Believe it or not, I have heard many people tell me that they notice a difference after only 3 minutes. Don’t underestimate the power of this form of prayer. That’s why the enemy works so hard at keeping us from it. I believe that churches with even a few contemplative prayer warriors are powerful and fruitful churches!

Q.   What do I do with my regular prayers, where I ask God for things for myself and others?

A.   Of course you may continue to do that. However, remember that God knows what we need before we ask. So if you only have time for one form of prayer in the beginning, I would say that this form of prayer is powerful enough to take care of both, especially if you are able to “Pray in the Spirit.”