Introduction to Christian Meditation

It is very important to understand what I mean by the term “Christian Meditation”. First, and most importantly, this exercise is intended to bring us into a closer and more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.  If you don’t know Christ, you can still benefit from this exercise, and it may lead you into a personal relationship with Him. However, I suspect that if you are reading this, you probably already know Jesus in a personal way. If you are looking for a deeper connection to Him, then I believe that this will be a wonderful way for you to achieve this goal.

Meditation is a many splendid word, and as such, means different things to different people. I want to be clear about what I mean, so that you can discern whether or not this is for you.  I have included a free guided Christian meditation on this website for you to experience it for yourself in order to help you to decide whether or not this is for you. There are two main purposes in this exercise. First and foremost, this exercise is designed to help you to get out of the cerebral spider web that most of us get caught in most of the time in most of our days. It seems to me that we are sadly still pursuing the “Tree of knowledge” in our present day society. With all of our technological advances, we have created more ways to be “In the know.”  The Bible clearly tells us that the way to, “KNOW that He is God,” is through stillness, not head knowledge, study or works. Please do not misunderstand. I am not putting down Bible study and good works. I am merely emphasizing the Biblical principal of learning to, “Be still and KNOW that He is God.” God did not appear in the whirlwind, the earthquake or the fire, but in the, “Still Small Voice” that most of us never notice or hear, because we are too busy in our mind and our body.  Jesus told us that the deeper things of God are hidden from the “Proud and the learned.”

So, this exercise is designed to help us to quiet and focus our minds (not empty our minds) in a very simple way. Every one of us who is alive is breathing. It is basic to life from the time we take our first breath until we breathe our last.  It is our rhythm of life that is absolutely essential to life. Because this is so basic to our system of life, I believe that it is a good place to start. It will be obvious to you when you do the, “Basic Breath of Life Meditation” that there is a foundational, biblical truth that will be available for you to focus on. This is also mentioned in the free trial meditation on this web site. However, while this truth is foundational and biblical, it is not necessarily the main focal point, especially in the beginning of your practice of meditation. Because of what is mentioned above (the cerebral spider web), I believe that learning how to focus on something that is real, simple, ongoing in every moment that we are alive, and anchored in here and now reality, might be an easier place to start. Also, it is not a thought that we are focusing on, but a down to earth, real and absolutely essential part of our existence, that is not heady. I think that one of our biggest problems is that we are too often caught up in our head with literally thousands of thoughts that go on in our head each day. As such, consider it a success if you are merely able to continue to return your attention to your breath, no matter how many times you have to do that while you are meditating. Success is not being perfectly focused. Success is continuing the practice of refocusing your mind without judging yourself for not being able to do it perfectly, or even very well, in the beginning. The only way to fail in this is to give up the practice all together, saying something like “I just can’t do this.” Remember, “You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.” Again, this is mentioned in the free sample meditation, but one of the key elements of the methodology that God has inspired me to focus on is what I call a, “ridiculously achievable goal.” As an example the first CD that I created is called, “The One Minute Prayer…” The idea is that you start with one minute (of meditation) and you increase your time meditating by only ONE minute per WEEK. That’s why I call it, “Ridiculously accomplishable.” I believe this is very, very important. The reason that I want people to go so slow is so that success is more easily achieved. Success breads motivation and sustained motivation is exactly what is needed to create a habit. I believe that it is the habits that we have developed and maintained that ultimately determine our character. If you really want to KNOW God more intimately, I firmly believe that this habit is absolutely necessary to achieve this invaluable goal. What is more important, lovely, beautiful, interesting, exciting and attractive than THE Creator of the universe? Compared to God, everything else is meaningless, as King Solomon discovered.

I cannot adequately describe how invaluable this discipline has been for me in my life. This discipline (actually God) through the tool of this discipline has saved my life in more ways than even I realize. I’m frightened to think about my life if I hadn’t learned this discipline so many years ago. If you haven’t experienced it, there is no way to adequately describe it. If you have experienced it, there’s no need to describe it. I first learned this when I lived in a monastery for five years. We were required to do this for an hour a day, for the rest of our lives. It was also required that we did a half an hour of scripture reading/studying, a half an hour of spiritual reading, mostly about the many before us who were great men and women of contemplative prayer. We had to journal about our “Quiet time” with God, and meet with our spiritual director once a week to discuss what was going on in our contemplative prayer life. I am so blessed to have been given this wonderful experience of spiritual training that was a jump start for my adult spiritual life with God.

In conclusion to this brief introduction, I would just like to share with you that I am compelled to do this, in spite of more obstacles than I have ever experienced with anything that I have ever attempted to do in my life. It’s very complex, and of course, it involves my own sins and continuing need for purification and sanctification that God is doing in my life. However, I am convinced that a significant part of the resistance is actually demonic. The reason that I am mentioning this here is because I believe that this is so needed in our Christian walk, that the enemy would do anything to stop it. That confirms for me that this is very, very important for us to incorporate in our life. Secondly, if you find it difficult to do and sustain, I want you to know that it’s not just that you have trouble sitting still, or you can’t find the time, or whatever else comes to your mind as an obstacle to incorporating this invaluable tool into your life. We have a very real enemy, and he really doesn’t want us to REALLY KNOW the wonderful, awesome and living God, Who made us and is madly in love with us! Don’t let him trick you into stopping. If you stay with it, I believe that you will be glad that you did!

May God go with you and grant you “Good Success!”