Note from David Meiners

I have chosen to leave all of the testimonials anonymous. The reason for this is that many of the testimonials come from present or former clients in my counseling private practice. As most people know, I am bound by confidentiality laws not to disclose private information of any of my clients or former clients. I also wanted everyone to feel free to be honest about how they felt about the meditation recordings without concern for scrutiny by anyone. There are also a number of these testimonials that are from friends and professionals in related fields that I have given these meditations to. I have not altered any of these except for things like typos and things like that. I only asked people who actually have done the meditations to write a testimonial, hopefully for obvious reasons. In the spirit of honest disclosure, I should say that there are some that I have given them to that either haven’t used them or have used them and stopped. I hope that these real testimonials encourage you to start the discipline of Christian Meditation, even if is only to use the free one on the web site, or to chose some other form of it. As I stated in my video introduction, I am doing this because I believe that the Lord is leading me to do this. The first reason was just to be able to give them to clients who struggled with being still, and said they wished that they had a tool like this. In all of this, I pray that you may come to know the Lord, Jesus Christ, in a more intimate and personal way. It is well worth the time and effort! May the Lord bless you abundantly!

David uncovers a missing gem among Christian disciplines whose absence fuels the average believer’s lack of practiced peace and spiritual stillness. His teaching and guidance in meditation is bolstered by a lifetime of personal practice. One who devotes himself to the practice of what he preaches is both respectable and trustworthy.

How many times have you talked yourself out of having a quiet time with the lord? If you are like me it is way too often. I usually lose the battle in my head because, “I don’t have time to spend a half hour reading and praying, I have things to do.” The beauty of Dave’s CD’s is that anyone and everyone will have enough time to get started with just a one minute meditation. But be careful, like me, you might get hooked and start spending seven minutes meditating and praying.

David gave me his meditations to use at a time when I felt far from, angry at, and lost in my relationship with God.  The simple practice of listening to someone else direct my thoughts back toward God and reminding me of God’s truths was restorative.  Over time, I felt my heart draw back to God and recognize that God had always been there for me, even in the moments when I had been so angry.

Dave, I can’t thank you enough for enlightening me regarding the benefits of meditation. It has literally changed my life.  It has provided a closeness to God that I have never experienced before. I feel that I can receive the “peace of the Lord” using your meditation to quiet my spirit. It both provides a fresh view of the world, and is spiritually and emotionally healing. Thanks much.

A few years ago Dave gave me his Christian meditation CD’s. They rekindled my relationship with the Lord in a new way.  Meditation enabled me to “get out of my head” and listen to the Lord’s still quiet voice.  I strongly suggest it to ALL who “really” want to get to know the Lord.

Every day I look forward to listening to Dave’s meditation CD’s. The Word of God is incorporated into the meditation and has helped me to better focus my attention to the present moment. The Bible, in conjunction with Dave’s meditations has improved my focus in my job and at home. It’s a slow, but sure, cumulative process. You can learn to meditate on the Word of God at your own pace.

When my life became more difficult and my negative emotions more intense, David encouraged me in Biblical meditation. After listening to his CD’s and learning to “be still,” my quiet time with the Lord has been transforming me in a supernatural way.
Meditation on the Word of God has given me confidence (from the Lord) and a greater ability to think and focus my attention. It’s a great tool!

David has poured himself into the art of bonding with our Creator through meditation. His steps and methods are practical allowing Christ followers to push back the noise of the world for a very meaningful time with The Holy Spirit. The system of daily meditation is one of the best things I have done with my time and I’m grateful.

At first I was skeptical talking about “meditation,” only thinking of it in the way other religions have used it. Yet these are a counterfeit for what God has intended. Biblical Meditation is the art of focusing on God’s Word and Who He is in the quiet and stillness of your mind. This is practiced by putting all other thoughts out of your mind and only allowing and focusing on thoughts of Him that are grounded in His revealed Word.  This is where He can build upon His relationship with you. It’s where the truths of Who He is go from head knowledge, to heart knowledge. As I continued to practice, it gradually got easier. And quickly, I was beginning to hear the voice of my Shepherd over all the other noise and I could listen. Being still and knowing He is God, lays the foundation of walking with Him. How can I take His hand and follow Him, if I’m not looking & listening to where He is?

We live in a busy world. Demands press in upon us from all sides; those of family, work, friends, as well as our goals, insecurities and desires. These will dominate and control the lives of most individuals like a horse’s bridle determines its path and pace. Should the environment and influences we are surrounded by in the physical world determine the potential outcome of our lives? Is there another way?

The most ancient near eastern and biblical texts record the testimonies of seekers of God who were drawn into His presence through personal worship and prayer. They came to understand that His presence was a dwelling place. As they experienced His abiding with them in the realm of the Spirit they became changed and the courses of their lives were altered. They were empowered to powerfully influence the course of the world around them instead of being controlled by it.

One difference characterized these ones from those who surrounded them in society. They determined to prioritize time to quiet themselves, to find the path of God and the spiritual dwelling place He had prepared for them. They experienced God’s love. In this intimacy, they received His direction and the Helper abode with them. They were taught by God, directed by what He disclosed to them, and were prepared by Him to bear the fruit of His reign in the world that at times altered the course of history.

Jesus taught, “Narrow is the path to life, few are they that find it.” David Meiners has found the doorway and the path that his ancient namesake, King David passed through and walked upon in the worship of God’s name. Even as the boy who was anointed to become Israel’s leader found humility, strength and preservation in God’s presence, so also David Meiners desires for each of us to find life that is truly life in our intended abiding place with our heavenly Father.

The world in which we live is a cruel dictator. There is an adversary who seeks to steal, to kill and to destroy. He prowls about like an angry lion seeking those he can devour. Jesus warned “The way is broad that leads to destruction, many are those who walk upon it.” David Meiners has devoted his life and has invested his time, energy and finances to put together a valuable resource for those of us who would choose the disciplined practice of entering into our spiritual abode with the Lord. I hope that you are counted among the few that will ultimately find the way that leads to life, through David’s guided Christian meditations.

David I want to thank you for help you have given me by counseling me in a way that I am sure is in harmony with what scripture teaches. You have assisted me in connecting with the source of all life, peace and hope and direction – none other than the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus said to judge a tree by its fruit. Your counsel is wholesome and well rounded. The work is done by the Holy Spirit as we cooperate with him. Meditation is along ago forgotten exercise that every believer should engage in. Often when we pray, we do all the talking and “hang up the phone,” so to speak. It is quiet and difficult at first, but vital. You are blessed to be used by the Lord in this capacity as a conduit to Him, as healer, helper and Lord.

I just listened to your Christian Mediations shortly before writing this. They always seem to put me into a state of love and not resentment! I truly believe that this is the best way to renew your mind and prepare for living out God’s will in your day.

“As a child, teenager, and young adult, I was always so ‘busy’ accomplishing things for God.”  Prayer, for me, was this one-way monologue that (unfortunately) had this way of becoming an item on a checklist of infinitely many items that I could never seem to accomplish fully whatsoever.

This idea of contemplative prayer was so foreign to me at first.  Yet now as a husband and father of young children whose family has experienced a traumatic turn of events within the last 3 years, I am grateful that I have discovered the concept of contemplative prayer and am eager to still learn more about this effective means in which I can experience God and His love more intimately.

Contemplative prayer has been God’s way of showing me how to truly “BE STILL and KNOW that HE IS GOD.”  I have come to discover that “being still”….though it is so hard to do in our increasingly over stimulated, technology-infused world, is essential for anyone who truly wants to experience God and maintain a greater knowledge of His presence with us.

David Meiners does an excellent job teaching you how to be still and draw into the loving arms of our Savior Jesus. This will refresh your soul, bring healing and touch your heart as you draw in close to the Lord.

This collection of Christian Meditations from David Meiners brings you into a more intimate relationship with Jesus. David’s gentle voice guides you through each meditation at your own convenience. I recommend that every Christian get these Christian Meditations from David.